Pol201 Week 2 Assignment

Ashford - POL 201 - Week 2 - Learning Activity Week Two Learning Activity Worksheet Develop a detailed outline of your second main point. (For assistance with your writing skills, refer to the Ashford Writing Center .) 1. Federal Policies: a. Provide a paragraph that briefly describes one advantage and one disadvantage to a national policy that must be implemented by one agency of the federal bureaucracy. (Use the space below to complete this section.) One national policy that must be implement immediately by the government in my opinion, is Cybersecurity. In today Information Age, technology has enabled our nation to grow stronger and prosper than ever before. Cyberspace must be protected and available for people who seeks to develop new technologies. Civilian companies must coordinate protection and increase security of their network. Government agencies must protect its own networks and fulfill its mission of defending the country against sophisticated and attacks from the online terrorists. The disadvantage of this

“Week 2 Journal”I have chosen to get my degree to be a Substance Abuse Social Worker. I never realized how much responsibility that a social worker really carried until I started this course. It is amazing and makes me want to pursue this degree more than before. . Substance Abuse SocialWorkers are there to help individuals and their families cope with addiction and try to help them find ways to cope with addiction. A federal policy affects a Substance Abuse Social Worker in many ways. Social Workers aim to improve welfare, health and mental health, education, and Social Security. That is just a few policies that affect Social Workers. One policy that is affecting Substance Abuse Social Workers is the increased need for social workers. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) introduced the Social Work Reinvestment Initiative Act to help with and make recommendations to issues regarding the Social Work Profession. Social Workers


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