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“The Necklace”

The late Irish poet Oscar Wilde once stated, "In the world, there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” This quote accurately describes human nature to the extent that man is never fully satisfied with his current possessions. In fact, most people who rely on materialistic items for happiness are typically desolated and miserable. This story is based on an archaic view on women, where women have no caste or hierarchy. The people grade women based off their looks and beauty. Money “practically makes nobility” (Shmoop). It “enables the user to pay for the high life” (Shmoop) and confine the person with luxurious items known to man. Money controls the life of people,…show more content…

She even married a minor clerk, to her distress, who cannot provide what she desires. The way she speaks to him comes off very distasteful and leaves a sour feeling. He likes plain things and seems rather happy for where he is in life, opposite of her. The husband is actually a weak character giving in to others, just like Malthide. Their life was simple. Her home was simple, as well, just like her life. She owned cheap belongings. Except, she didn’t want that. No, she wanted the most expensive items perched in her home, rather than average items.
Malthide dreams of being with the rich people. Her minor husband brings home an invitation to a prestigious dinner for the rich one day. Instead of being ecstatic, as he thought she would be, Malthide breaks down. Malthide believed that she was in a situation in which she could not spend her time at the dinner. She had no expensive dress or jewelry to wear so that she could like the others, but she possessed beauty and grace. Her husband offered her the dress she had, but she could not accept it, as it was cheap. Her false value of what one “should evaluate themself” (Cummings), only caused her more grief. In the end, she bought a dress and borrowed a necklace from a rich friend of hers. However, after the dinner party, she was missing the necklace that she borrowed. Malthide and her husband bought a replacement for it, which costed a fortune for them. They had to suffer the consequences of

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