C Programming Itt Tech Homework

CHAPTER 2: 1. Most registers in the 8051 are 16 bits wide. 2. Registers R0-R7 are all 8 bits wide. 3. Registers ACC and B are 8 bits wide. 6. What is the result of the following code and where is it kept? MOV A,#15H MOV R2,#13H ADD A,R2 A=15H + 13H=28H (HEX A=0001_0101B+0001_0011B=0010_1000B (BINARY) 7. Which of the following is (are) legal? (a) ADD R3, #50H (c) ADD R7, R4 (d) ADD A, #255H (g) MOV R3, A 11. Assembly language is a low-level language while C is a high-level language. 12. Of C and Assembly language, which is more efficient in terms of code generation (i.e., the amount of ROM space it uses)? Assembly Language uses less memory space then C and files are generally shorter 13. Which program uses the “obj” file? Compiler 14 . True 15. Lst file 23. Find the number of bytes each of the following instruction takes (a) MOV A, #55H -2 bytes (b) MOV R3, #3 2 bytes (c) INC R2- 1 byte (d) ADD A, #0 -2 bytes (e) MOV A, R1 -1 byte (f) MOV R3, A -1 byte (g) ADD A, R2 1 byte 37. Find the CY flag value after each of the following codes. (a) MOV A, #54H , ADD A, #0C4h

BTW, to all you ITT tech wannbe's.

Here's some insight on the IT side of this trade school. You may have seen my last posts further upthread. I just got a job as an Information Security Manager at a major university. Wanna know what got me the job?

No, it wasnt my master's degree from an accredited school (I wouldnt be caught dead at ITT or any other non accredited school). It wasnt my Bachelors from another private accredited school. It wasnt my 20 years as an Army IT soldier. Know what got me the interview? It was my recently gotten CISSP. Yes, my certification. I have several certs, to include NET+, SEC+, MCSE, and MCSA. If you dont know what these certifications are and you are a senior or Junior at ITT tech, you are way behind the ball. Look them up, I'm not going to do your job for you. You go to ITT right? You are smart, right? And you knew all this, right? I mean, you arent stupid enough to think that an ITT degree is the only thing you need to get that coveted IT job everyone else is going after, even those from better schools are going after, even those with certifications much better than ITT are going after, right?

You better get a clue. I'm only telling you the truth. For anyone thinking about coming into the IT field. GET CERTIFICATIONS FIRST. They will carry you alot farther than an over-rated education from a trade school and will cost you a whole lot less. The entry level IT market is SATURATED and everyone changing careers.

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