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Due to popular demand, I have made several more STAAR formatted 7th and 9th grade specific expository prompts. Many of you are trying to get a few more students over the hump to successful expository writing, and you will find 12 original but very specific prompts that are more like the kind the kids will see on the test.
One suggestion: Instead of having your students write a new essay each and every day, I would like to offer the idea that you give the kids a new prompt each day, but only practice writing strong controlling idea statements. Then ask them to just think of specific examples that would tie in directly to their CIS (controlling idea statement)
Something that has worked for me is to teach them the concept of responding to the prompt with the idea of cause and effect.
For example: If the prompt is write about the importance of honesty, then they might choose something like....
Integrity is the most critical attribute in a person's quest to earn the trust of others....( In this controlling idea statement, the cause is the prompt just rephrased with the word integrity. The resulting effect would be the trust of others.
When I started introducing 7th grade controlling idea statements this way, I began to see a nice variety of ideas coming from my students!

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