Genetically Modified Foods Essay Topics

A Collection Of Research Paper Topics On GMOs

The study of genetically modified organisms can be a good general topic for your term paper. However, to make your study original and interesting, you should come up with unique GMO research paper topics. For some students, it’s difficult to generate ideas for their papers. If you have a problem like this, you may look at a list of GMO-related sample topics to gain inspiration.

Interesting GMO Research Paper Topics

  1. The dangers of creating genetically engineered plants.
  2. The risks of consuming genetically modified products.
  3. The advantages of genetically engineered crops for farmers.
  4. The impact of genetically modified organisms on the economies of developing countries.
  5. The influence of GMOs on the overall eco-system.
  6. The role of GMOs in the rise of herbicides.
  7. Natural alternatives to genetically modified products.
  8. The role of genetically modified organisms in carbon capture and sequestration.
  9. The national regulation of genetically modified foods.
  10. The future developments in the area of genetically modified organisms.

Crafting a GMO Research Paper Outline

A good topic alone won’t guarantee the success of your paper on GMO. It’s also important to structure your text correctly so that it meets the academic writing standards. The main chapters of your paper should be the following:

  1. The introduction.
  2. Present your topic, state its significance, and provide a roadmap for the next chapters.

  3. The literature review.
  4. Provide information about the main GMO-related sources that you’ve consulted.

  5. The methodology.
  6. Give a thorough description of all activities that you engaged in during your study.

  7. The results.
  8. Present the outcomes of your work and interpret their meaning to the reader.

  9. The conclusion.
  10. Make a summary of your points and offer ways for further research.

You may pick any topic from the list of ideas above and approach it from a different angle to make your study original. Before you confirm your topic, make sure that it’ll be interesting for you to investigate it and that there is a lot of information about it on the Internet which you’ll be able to base your study upon. This way, the chance of conducting a meaningful study and composing a paper worthy of a high score will be increased.

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Genetically Modified Food Speech Essay examples

1369 WordsMay 7th, 20116 Pages

Title: Affects of Genetically Modified Food
Topic: Genetic modified foods
Specific Purpose: To inform about GM foods, the hazards and the reason they should be labeled
Thesis Statement: Today I want to inform about GM foods


Attention Material : How awesome would it be if your pet glowed in the dark? Or your family had a zebra-dog? How about a family dog that could take out the entire neighborhood in one lick? Now how about owning this dairy cow? Looks normal but its not. All these animals have been genetically modified and their genes have been altered. The cow is injected with a growth hormone rBGH to increase it’s milk production, only problem, that hormone has been found to cause different types of cancers as well…show more content…

a. Mothers feed GM soy- nearly all babies died (10% died in control) b. Males developed changed testicle color. c. Infertility when feed GM corn.
2. Other animal studies indicate serious health risk associated with GM foods; fertility, immune problems, accelerated aging, insulin regression, changes in major organs and gastroninteitinal region. a. There are more than casual associations between GM foods and adverse health affects b. Confirmed in animal studies-consitancy and association between GM foods and disease
3. Number of autoimmune diseases are enhanced by foreign DNA fragments not fully digested in stomach and intestines a. DNA fragments are abundant in bloodstream. b. Potentially mix with normal DNA.
Transition: Considering these factors about GM foods, let me explain why I think it is so very important that these GM crops be labeled.
III. In other countries, GM crops are almost always labeled but in the U.S. no GM foods are labeled.
A. Unlabeled GM foods can cause serious health problems for those with allergens to it.
1. Most people by a tomato and aren’t worried about their soy allergy but with GM foods and ingredients, soy genes can easily be placed or accidently cross pollunant
2. Many unlabeled GMO’s in our food are causing people to experience allergies they were unaware of- a. It’s possible that they can go into anaphylactic shock. b. DEATH. B. There are no regulated health safety tests.

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