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There was once a time when the looks that people were born with were expected to change very little if at all over their lifetimes. A horrific injury might disfigure someone suddenly and occasionally a strange face might grow beautiful during adolescence but now more options exist. A person can radically alter his or her appearance by going under the knife. Both the face and body can be altered in extreme ways. This essay explores some of the reasons for this exploding industry.

  • Unrealistic Standards of Beauty
  • The standard of beauty that is promoted at present is very different from what the majority of the world’s population looks like. This is especially clear when it comes to women. The need to be tall and slender, tan with European features and a curvy posterior means that most women see things about their body that they would need to change in order to be conventionally beautiful. For men, there may be facial features that they have always admired in a particular actor and would like to possess.

  • Pressure to Conform
  • For some people, their desire to get surgery is not motivated by a celebrity’s appearance or even a need to be beautiful. They may simply want to walk the streets without getting stares or looks of disgust. Burn victims, people who were born with very visible defects and others with disfiguring scars may turn to surgery to restore not just their faces and bodies but self esteem. Cosmetic surgeons are able to create noses and ears by letting cells grow on a mold and with the technology available at present people’s lives are being changed.

  • Unwillingness to Age Naturally
  • Many patients find themselves seeking augmentation simply because they want to regain the looks they possessed in their youth. Today's culture is obsessed with you and people who show signs of aging can often find themselves sidelines as a result. They lose their pick of romantic partners, they may even be ignored in the job search. This makes the possibility of a face lift, tummy tuck, dermal fillers or botulism based injections especially enticing. They allow the period of ‘youth’ to be extended artificially.

    The things that doctors can currently do to human faces and bodies are truly remarkable. We are truly blessed to have such things but we must also be careful with when we decide to use them.

    Plastic Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Posted on December 20, 2017

    Everybody wants to look good, and many people consider such a goal as the most important part of their lives. There are many people who want to look better, doesn’t matter what they need to do for it, and even pain doesn’t stop them. Plastic surgery is exactly that case where pain is just a step towards a beautiful face or body. Of course, plastic surgery involves many advantages and disadvantages. Everyone who cannot choose whether to do a plastic surgery or not, must properly estimate all these pros and cons. There are people who are tired of constant jokes about their appearance, or people suffered from accidents or diseases that affected their look. Obviously, in this case, such a person may face serious mental problems, and cannot feel self-confident because of his or her look. Plastic surgery is the best solution for such people, since it helps them feel confident, look beautiful, and live their lives with no limits.

    Disadvantages of Aesthetic Surgery

    First of all, plastic surgery involves different types of risks. On one hand, there is a risk of various complications; on the other hand, even if such a surgery goes in a right way, there is a risk of a bad work. Obviously, no one wants to spend a lot of money, and then look not exactly like they wanted to. Moreover, sometimes one can see even worse results, due to side effects of such a kind of surgery. First of all, you have to talk to your doctor and ask all necessary questions. You need to clarify which consequences your decision may lead to, to better understand all possible effects of your decision, either good or bad. You have to be ready to all possible situations, excluding all unexpected risks. You also need to make necessary tests, to understand which medications may cause negative reactions from your body. Plastic surgery always includes certain risk of getting result that is different from your expectations, so you have to be ready for it.

    Advantages of Cosmetic Surgery

    Sometimes plastic surgery helps people who haven’t any other solutions to live normal lives. It is a perfect solution for those who have scars, wounds, skin cancer, and so on. Many people choose rhinoplasty after accidents. Now plastic surgery is popular among people of any gender and age, since everyone can benefit from cosmetic surgery. Some people just want to get rid of scars or birth marks. Some women want to enlarge their breasts, while others want to make them smaller. Transsexuals cannot transform without plastic surgery, and it’s another case when it’s necessary. There are also a lot of celebrities who need to look good, or want to hide their real age. Generally, the main goal of any plastic surgery is to help people with their problems, and increase their self-confidence.

    Choosing plastic surgery, you have to estimate all possible risks. These risks always depend on how complicated a particular procedure is. Some procedures may turn to be fatal, or hurt your body. When you choose such a solution, you must understand that it always involves a certain element of randomness, so you can never be sure of the results you get. Another feature of key importance is a qualification of your surgeon. Make sure that your surgeon has necessary experience, performing the same type of surgery before. Check his or her certifications, check feedback, if it’s possible. Make your choice responsible, and always compare desired results with possible risks.


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