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Congratulations to First Semester Honor Roll students!

Lake Region Middle School highly values the hard work and dedication of its students. In celebration of that academic achievement, students are recognized twice during the year at the end of each semester. Students can achieve "Honors" or "High Honors." Students selected for Honors scored "Proficient" on his or her academic standards for all classes. Students receiving High Honors achieved "Advanced Proficiency" or "Exceeding Proficiency" for at least one academic standard in addition to scoring "Proficient" on all other standards. Congratulations to the following students:

6th grade High Honors

Izabell Apovian, Lauren Berge, Maddison Brown, Nolan Burton, Susie Butler, Caleb Cole,
Joseph Deschenes, Griffin Duigan, Evan Duprey, Leah Edwards, Brady Emery, Brooke Gerry,
Reiyn Hart, Inge Inninger, Kasey Johnson, Kolbie, Kaeser, John Kimball, Jr., Ava LaBarge,
Abigail Lavoie, Joshua Legere, Brian Lucy, Kevin Lucy, Hunter Martin, Jasmin Mei, Albert Miller,
Kylie Myers, Kylee Nason, Kaley Noyes, Alice O’Connor, Jacqueline Ordway, Ashley Pelletier,
Sadie Plummer, Mackenzie Putnam, Lauren Roy, Tamara Rusakovich, Brianna Shaw,
Hanna Siebert, Ava Smith, Mallory Smith, Bhavnish Tucker

7th grade High Honors

Addison Allen, Natalie Blais, Elizabeth Brewer, Ian Carras, Jacob Chadbourne, Tristan Cormier, Samantha Donahue, Carly Dyer, Alecssander Freitas, Kailee Gaudreau, Elizabeth Gray,
Ezra Gronlund, Larissa Harmon, Peyton Klein, Samuel Knowles, Rachel Lake, Caitlin Lees, Sydney London, Melissa Mayo, Abby Miller, Alexa Mitchell, Annabell Montgomery,
Ryan Philbrook, Madison Pond, Elissa Potter, Madison Richard, Emily Rock, Caitlin Ross,
Dexter Thayer, Owen Theriault, Samantha Vincent, Brayden Warde

8th grade High Honors

Trinity Attwood, Allison Baker, Libby Blais, Jonathan Boos, Rebecca Caron, Brendan Chanda,
Corbin Hatch, Eleanor Cowan, David Delvecchio, Noah Duprey, Abigail Elsaesser,
Samuel Fickett, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Jacob Gilmore, Genevieve Goodspeed, Elle Hall,
Kaytrien Hall, Tavyn Hazelton, Alex Kuvaja, Sabrina Lopez, Ronin Martin, Annie Miller,
Annie O’Connor, Keegan Owens, Ainsley Pendexter, Leah Plummer, Emily Ranco, Caydence Riley, Kate Rose, Emma Rothrock, Brody Sanberg, Kaleece Scott, Wilson Secord,
Shelby Sheldrick, Marty Shimko, Elizabeth Smith, Trey Spearrin, Rebekah Symonds, Sadie Tirell, Brooke Toole, Keeli Towne, Nicholas Towns, Elizabeth Trainor, Nathaniel Wilson

8th grade Honors

Samuel Brown, Keeley Elliot, Katie Holbrook, Hailee Landman

For a list of current MEI Secondary Performing Arts events please see:



Welcome to the MEI Music Department

We are the music department for the MEI Secondary School, or Mennonite Educational Institute Secondary School, which is BC's largest independent school in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, and is now three schools strong, including an Elementary, Middle and Secondary campus. MEI Performing Arts comes out of a strong tradition of creativity through this discipline, which continues to develop through the years.  We believe music is a vital element of a students' education at MEI and consider it a gift from God.  You are welcome to learn more about our school by visiting or check out the Choir and Band pages for information about what our performance ensembles are working on.



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