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For some evident reason my parents assumed they could have total control over my life just because they brought me into this world. For many people this states true especially Asian parents towards their Asian American kids. I could only hope one day my parents would give me the freedom to make my own choices and the lifestyle that I’d prefer to live by without any criticisms and consequences. My parents played a major role on how much influence they imposed on my life in regards to the bad aspect of it, the good aspect of it, and how both the good and the bad side contributed to make me the person that I am today.

Asian parents are usually stereotyped as the ones pushing and urging their kids the most, and certainly there has to be some truth to that for it to be known as a stereotype. My parents basically pushed me to perform well in school. In their point of view, education is the key to success and if I succeeded in school then I would also succeed in life. Due to their educational mentality, my parents seldom let me do any extracurricular activities. According to them, if the school function has nothing to do with academic school then it’s not worth my time. They have never grasp the concept of being a teenager of the 21st century. They didn’t care if I liked to sing or if I enjoyed playing a musical instrument. I felt so controlled, which caused me to miss out on the chance to experience and express myself as an individual without my parents hovering over me.

My parents controlled every move helped me become more on task and to be on top of my schedule. I became more educated as a human being and further-more would use my knowledge to benefit my future. I learned to be more responsible in getting my work done on time; as a result I graduated in the top five percent of my graduating class.

My protective parents were also my anti-drug, which kept me away from bad influences, therefore I was less likely to be associated with the “bad” crowd. I never wanted to disappoint them, thus I primarily tried my best in everything I did. Being under a strict authority also taught me discipline and respect. My parents have always told me, “It is extremely important in the Asian culture to respect all those whom are older than you regardless of your age and status.” I tried to do everything they asked me to do, and I’d put my trust in them that it would all pay off in the end. As a result, I created a closer relationship with my family.

From their controlling, yet loving nature, they helped shaped who I am today. There were some restrictions that they imposed upon me that I would never do as a parent. I resented the fact that they hardly ever let me do any after school activities or participated in any events. I struggled and at times fought with them to be a part of choir, a hobby that I enjoyed and relied on when I couldn’t turn to my parents for support. Many years have past and I have adapted to their ways of parenting. Their parenting has influenced me on becoming a more prominent person and has taught me to live life more efficiently. Because of them, I am now looking at a bright future ahead of me even though I made some sacrifices.

After all, in the end I am blessed to have concerned parents to guide me and educate me of what is wrong and right. Though there were times when it was hard having authoritative parents, I will use this experience as a guide of how I would prefer to raise my kids. I’ve undergone the bad side and the good side of having authoritative parents with the pros and cons that coincides with it. Despite the fact that at times I felt so controlled, I’ve come to realize that they meant well with the intentions of giving me a positive outlook on my future. Whether or not the parents’ posses authoritative like qualities, it is important to let the 21st century youth discover their own lifestyle and permit them to express themselves as an individual.

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Parents Influence - With A Free Essay Review

When I think about my beginnings and the path I have taken to get to where I am today, I feel blessed that I was raised by such amazing parents. My father, an engineer, is a perfectionist, who has kept me interested in math and science and taught me about photography. My mother, on the other hand, is the kind of person with whom I can have a discussion about the contrasting personalities of fictional characters like Emma and Little Dorrit. She has exposed me to the world of literature and encouraged me to explore new areas such as sign language and writing my own poetry. They have given me everything I need to succeed, but above all, they have taught me to love learning.

My parents have always encouraged me to search for knowledge simply for the sake of learning. They never made me feel pressured to pursue anything that was not interesting to me. Instead, they tried to expose me to everything they could to enable me to develop my own passions and make my own choices. When I was old enough to understand, they began to introduce me to the magic of the arts. At age six I went to see the Nutcracker, my first ballet. Trips to Symphony Hall and the Zeiterion Theatre followed where I enjoyed performances of works by famous composers that my parents would talk to me about while tucking me in for the night. I soon began taking piano lessons craving to learn some of my favorite pieces like Schubert’s “Serenade” and Debussy’s “Clair de Lune”. I became excited about classical music because my parents were.

Family vacations were another way to nurture my curiosity and teach me something new about history, geography, science and culture. Our trip to Disney World was highlighted with a one-day visit to the Kennedy Space Center where my father surprised me by arranging for our family to have lunch with Astronaut Jon McBride. As an eleven year old, I was amazed to have the opportunity to exchange a few words with him in Portuguese, my native language, and to learn about the wonders of space exploration through his personal story. My parents always loved traveling to Portugal, the country where we were born. In between family gatherings and trips to the beach there was always time to visit museums, monasteries, and castles and to attend cultural events. I remember visiting Sagres, the site of the School of Navigation founded by Prince Henry the Navigator, and wondering about what it must have been like to be one of the 15th century brave Lusiads sailing away on a small caravel pushing the frontiers of the known world.

Standing on the threshold of adulthood, I have learned to treasure the lessons and experiences that I have had. My love of learning was acquired in ways that went beyond the classroom – by watching my parents being excited about learning new things and quietly encouraging me to do the same. They stimulated me to think by not simply answering my questions but helping me find the answers myself, and they inspired me to explore by showing a willingness to learn new things with me. They taught me about myself by encouraging me to embrace the culture of this country while learning, respecting and honoring my heritage. Next year as I move away to college I will do so knowing that I will carry with me (the most wonderful gifts my parents gave me) the greatest gifts of all– a determination to strive forward on a journey of continuous self-improvement and a desire to live a life of thinking and learning.



Sorry to say, I don't really know how to respond to your essay. One could quibble about one or two awkward expressions, but the essay as a whole, which is what matters, is an eloquent tribute to your parents. What's impressive for me is your understanding of the importance of what they have done for you. You appreciate something that most children of parents who have taken such an interest in their child's education do not, and so you lack the unbearable sense of entitlement that one encounters among so many students today. What's least impressive (there has to be something) is the final sentence. I think it is great that you have the determination that you claim to have. But it doesn't go without saying that one would have such determination; it's not, in other words, the necessary consequence of having such parents as you have had. Between your parents giving you a great education and your becoming a student full of determination there is another step. So you might want to expand just a little (without resorting to egregious self-promotion) on how you came to recognize what your parents have done for you and on the way in which you achieved the determination of which you speak. The last sentence is also, syntactically, the most awkward, so you ought to revise it even if you disagree with my assessment of its content.

Best, EJ.

P.S. According to most style sheets "15th century" should be hyphenated when used as an adjective.

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